Heilpraxis SchrammPhilosophy

Samuel Hahnemann*, who was the founder of homeopathy more than 200 years ago, never described his method of treatment as a science, rather as an art – an healing art.

Just as the essential things in life - love, freedom, beauty, happiness - can not be scientifically recorded accurately, so does health. Their existential value for our lives can only be subjectively experienced, individually in the moment.

In fact, Hans-Georg Gadamer wrote about health, we do not notice it at all as long as we possess it - it is a kind of self-forgetfulness- only its loss causes us pain, and compels us to inevitably perceive what we basically always are: endangered, threatened, mortal.

True healing happens so gently and quietly that the actual restoration of health often withdraws from our perception - we do not notice that we have become healthy - we are once again given to life, one with it, and can give us to devote oneself to self-forgetfulness to what drives us in our lives. 

More serenity and spontaneity often accompany the healing process, while unrealistic fears or hopes dissolve. Sometimes people also need courage to become healthy - courage to transform, courage to reach a completely individual size and strength.

Often positive changes in the mind of the patient precede his physical restoration.

In addition to stay healthy a reasonable way of life, movement, humor, gratitude and friendly relations are essential.

Excessive health consciousness is rather detrimental to true health, as much as the urge for perfection and the quick anesthetic of painful feelings that are part of life. 

"The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health (...), on easily comprehensible principles" Hahnemann wrote – yet certainly this art subjects to clear rules,. as well. In this sense a healer belongs to the "makers" - nevertheless he does not really create a work - more precisely, his work remains invisible, intangible and unprovable - only the owner of such hidden work is conscious of it in certain moments as self-evident well-being. 

To this approach I feel committed.


* Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1841) German physician, founder of homeopathy

** Hans-Georg Gadamer (1900 -2002) German philosopher, founder of hermeneutics