Dear friends, students and clients!

Here you will find the dates for the systemic constellation sessions in the next quarter.

Sessions take place on tuesdays or wednesdays, always from 19h to 22h, at Heilpraktikschule in Berlin Kreuzberg.

namely at:

Wed. 22.04.20

Wed. 06.05.20

Tue. 19.05.20

Wed. 03.06.20

Tue. 16.06.20


You are cordially invited.

Also your friends and other people who are interested to take part in this work are welcome.

Without enrollment  -  just be there in time  – with or without a personal matter.

Fees are 10 € per evening, additional 30€ for a personal session. Booking in advance is possible. For students of Heilpraktikschule the participation is free of charge.


P.S. For those who doesnt know Heilpraktikschule yet, here we are: